America Is Considered The Melting Pot

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America is a very young nation compared to many other countries. One of the more interesting aspects of the United States are its diverse cultures. The United States of America became a way for many people to escape the hardships of their country and start fresh. Early on there was a lot of land that people could claim and create farms and businesses. It was a government by the people and for the people, which gave everyone a chance to put their opinion in for how they felt the country should be runed. By the people wanting a better future for themselves and their families they all worked together to build a better and more prosperous America. America is considered the melting pot. Everyone from everywhere can be found here, so it is a great place to meet many people from all over the world. Since the very beginning when the colonist came to America, until today there have been many and different kinds of conflicts that have shaped what America’s identity is today. When the colonist from Europe first arrived in America they had conflicts with the Native Americans that lived here in America before the colonist about the land. As the years went on those conflicts ceased, and new ones arose. Years later once the early Americans had explored mostly all of America, America learned the trade of slavery and began to enslave African-Americans to work for them on plantations. This caused conflict between the Northern States and the Southern states. The northern states did not agree that it was right to place African-Americans in slavery. They realized that it was not right, and that all people should be treated with equality. The south did not have the same views as the north and this caused the Civil War within the nation. ... ... middle of paper ... ...the Sandy Hook shooting a man went into an elementary school and opened fire on many young children. In the Boston Massacre two young men placed a pressure cooker bomb at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. This claimed the lives and limbs of many people there observing and running the race. The devastation that came out of these events they made Americans come together and really form a nation as one. Throughout history every country has its ups and downs. There is not one country that is exactly perfect. The ups and downs throughout history are what shape and give the country their story. America has many cultures, sad moments, happy moments, and aggressive moments. These feelings all together create the great country, The United States of America. The stories that I told are only a few of the many that have made America’s history so rich and plentiful.
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