Introduction to Sociology: Becoming Aware

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Sociology is the study of interactions between people and social organizations, social behavior, and the origins, organization, and development of human society—basically, the study of human society (Russ). By better understanding society, we become more influential forces in driving its progress. To better understand society requires several tools: a sociological eye and a sociological imagination. The eye sees “beneath the surface of society” to understand what makes it tick (Korgen 1). Culture plays a role in nearly all aspects of our lives. It determines values, what is important, and norms, how to achieve those values. Who sets these norms? How do we react towards those who deviate? Meanwhile, the imagination connects personal issues with public issues. Too often, we dismiss the effect social factors can have on our lives. For example, are college graduates struggling to stay afloat because of rising tuition rates? Recognizing our personal lives are influenced by social factors takes us one step closer to solving problems in our lives (Korgen 4). Awareness sharpens t...
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