Introduction to Computer Crime

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1.0 Introduction
In our modern society where technology is evolving, the people who are exposed to computers each day are also increasing. Using computers have become part of our daily lives to the extent that the world would not function as it would now without the use of computers. With that, criminals are moving on to using computers for their criminal activities and thus computer crimes are born.
Every now and then we will hear news of companies getting hacked, government websites being defaced, customers’ information being leaked out and other various computer crimes all over the world.
This report aims to introduce the various types of computer crimes and what impact does computer crimes bring to the society. The report will also talk about how such computer crimes are prevailing in Singapore and how investigations are being carried out.

2.0 Background
2.1 Introduction to computer crime
Ever since the use of computers have been prevailing throughout the world, the number of computer crimes around the world has been further increased significantly. Computer crimes refer to any criminal activities that involve using computers for criminal activities or targeting other computers.
Computers have become cheaper, powerful and much more easier to be used over the years, which attract even more people to use them and even businesses, government companies and the military started relying more on computers over the years. With the lack of law or security with computers and networks in the past, it welcomes computer criminals to join in the flow and use computers for their illegal activities.
In the past, computer crimes such as hacking were done to gain more information about computer systems or hackers competing against each other...

... middle of paper ... are foreign countries that are facing the same situation as Singapore as well. The countries with the highest concentration of cybercrimes are Russia – 85%, China – 77%, and South Africa – 73% (Norton, 1 October 2013). Cybercrimes that occur at other area of the world also follows a similar trend to Singapore where majority of the crimes carried out are scams or frauds. Data has shown that 83% of financial costs come from frauds, theft, repairs and loss, which frauds contributes 38% to these crimes (Norton, 1 October 2013). There are also cases where software is written to steal information from banks stealthily. An example of such case is the “PiceBOT” case which occurred in Latin America, which was a malware that attacked 9 Latin America countries stealing financial and banking information from the users of internet (Americas Society/Council of the Americas).

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