Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

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Motivation is what drives us to do the things that we do. It is something that needs to be cultivated in the classroom from the beginning of the year. The teacher needs to understand how each individual child is motivated and what peaks their interest. I will praise the students and make them feel good about themselves. I want each student to know that I care about them and want to do all I can to help them learn and grow. As the teacher I will make sure to always keep the students motivated and engaged. In order for that to happen my role as the teacher is to plan and develop activities that students will find motivating. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that students have within themselves. Intrinsic motivation is when a student is motivated to do something due to you own interest and curiosity. It is the motivation you have within you and is personally rewarding. For example, researching a topic of interest because you want to know more about it for your own sake. The way in which I would promote intrinsic motivation in my classroom is by focusing on setting personally meaningful goals so that all the students feel challenged, stimulating curiosity to peak interest, clarifying the cause and effect relationships between what we’re learning in comparison to real life things, using fantasy to help students imagine themselves in real-life settings and recognizing and appreciating each and every accomplishment each student makes so that they can feel satisfied and appreciated.
I want to facilitate intrinsic motivation everyday in my classroom so I will make to sure offer consistent feedback as praise to encourage my students’ to work with a purpose. I make sure that I recognize each of my students’ progress and help them develop ...

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...quences and breaking the cycle. Rules and expectations of my classroom will be established in the beginning of the year by the students and me as a group. I will allow children to speak to me without interrupting them and we will work as a team. I can only hope and assume the best of each students parents but I do not know what goes on outside my classroom so I will do my best to motivate my students and make them feel that they can be whoever they strive to be with a little hard work. I know that a parents support and interest could help a student strive to achieve and do better in school, but being that not everyone has that I want to make the students feel that they can do anything they want to do even if they don’t have someone who pushes them. I will help them believe that they can do anything that they set their mind to as long as they believe in themselves.
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