Internship Reflection

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The Department of Parks and Recreation of the City of Hialeah, was the place of employment for more than 10 years, only six months ago, a door was opened for me at another department, and I decided to explore new territory. The Director, assistants, supervisor were very familiar to me which made my internship very pleasant. During this past ten years, I worked as a clerk, never having the opportunity to be part of the tier number one of the organization, but this time was different, I was no longer the clerk, but an intern with the desire to be part of this family. This internship helped me understand many decision making from my superiors and why they had to do it. The last ten years many situation and decisions I did not agree with, but now I know that they were for the betterment for the department. My schedule was always from 8:00am to 4:00pm; well, due to my schedule at my current position which is 7:30am to 3:30pm, my availability to do my internship hours were at…show more content…
As time passes by, situations, environments, circumstances, has taught me how to deal and respond to this occasions. I have learned that human beings are so different and this is why we are unique. 100 persons might be receiving the same teaching, and each one of them can be interpreting it differently. They are not wrong; they have different perspectives. Difficult people for the most part, are individuals needed to be heard and understand. They need a leader not a manager, they need guidance not punishment. We have become an indifferent society, we don’t’ care our neighbor, we rather walk way than to offer our helping hand. Society is likely to be served than to serve, there is nothing better than to feel in your hearth the joy of helping someone without waiting for something in return. There is a lot of difficult people that we have to deal with in a daily basis including

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