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Pitts and Koufopoulos (2012) argue that resources and capability are highly important internal factors that should be taken into account by the organization in order to obtain the successful performance in the long run.
VRIOS analysis could be used as a tool for assessment of UNICEF internal environment (skills, capacities and capabilities), which could be incorporated in the strategic planning module.
VRIOS analysis of UNICEF:
Rated on a four-point scale as follows:
A = outstanding generator of value and advantage – of genuine strategic significance
B = valuable, but not a crucial source of advantage
C = useful, but probably of declining significance
D = already declining in significance and unlikely to be sustainable V R I O S Comments Skills …show more content…

The strategic process that UNICEF, like any other organization, goes through, starts with a mission statement continues through its goals, internal and external analysis and implementation and results in a competitive advantage in the marketplace they operate in (Yates, 2012).
This analysis is used as a framework to evaluate UNICEF resources (tangible and intangible), skills and capacities and determine its competitive potential.
VRIOS analysis demonstrates that:
-UNICEF resources and capabilities are valuable for the organization,
-UNICEF is taking a full advantage of its resources, skills and capacities, most of which present agency’s sustainable competitive advantages
- Organizational resources are its strengths that could present opportunities and mitigate risks.
Future strategy actions and recommendation:
Considering its competitive advantages and reflecting on the lessons learnt, it is recommended that UNICEF should:
-Better focus on advocacy. Undertake more advocacy and awareness raising events, involving social

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have strong skills and well-trained in the relevant areas, such as humanitarian assistance and responses, fundraising and office operations.
  • Opines that some hr related work processes are too bureaucratic and time consuming and require refresh and enhancement.
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