Informative Speech: The Art Of Marketing With Communication

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Marketing with Communication
General Purpose: I will inform, demonstrate, as well as persuade my audience into properly using the art of marketing with communication. As long as humans have existed communication through gestures, language, and a plethora of other methods have existed so why do we have issues getting as well as sending messages while marketing with communication?
Specific Purpose: I think that you must have a certain amount of definite belief you have a right to call yourself an effective communicator, by the end of this speech I want my audience to reconsider how they communicate.
Interest Step: Communication has over 100 definitions according to F.X Dance, yet it has been a plague to society prior to the separation
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Preview Step: Throughout this speech I will discuss the art of communicating properly, the intended as well as non-intended messages sent while communicating, and simple tips to improve communication.
Main point I: Merriam-Webster defines communication as, “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else”. So does it mean to market while communicating and when does a person know that communication has taken place?
• Evidence: With this in mind does intent have anything to do with communicating properly, does the sender have to have the intent to send the message or does the receiver must have intent to receive the message and what message can be marketed in between?
• Reasoning: When a person over hears your conversation does it mean that you have communicated with them just because they were able to understand your message?
• Relationship to thesis: By defining communication I can know help the audience understand how issues occur in
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• Evidence: There is a different between asking someone, “Can we have a conversation sometime if you don’t mind?” versus telling them “You should let me get your number”. Even though both in common terms may suggest that you would like to talk, the diction in the first statement uses more comfortable diction and creates a respectful tone for the other person’s space.
• Reasoning: What we say while we communicate isn’t always necessarily the issue rather how we say it can make room for error to the encoder’s decoder.
• Relationship to thesis: Prior to going into how to better improve communication, the current issues in communicating are identified to highlight why messages don’t get to their receiver correctly.

Main point III: It isn’t too late for you to begin improving your ability to market while communicating, although this isn’t an overnight process by practicing these simple tips you can improve your ability to communicate. You must first be knowledgeable of your topic, watch both your physical and verbal diction, and lastly be confident in

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