Inductive Research Method

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Research Method This chapter will try to approach all the theoretical aspects used in the paper, namely the steps in developing a new CRM strategy and the research method. Due to my deep involvement in the issue studied, the relationship between the theoretical and the research aspects is based on a trans-disciplinary model (Bryman & Bell, 2007). Several aspects have to be taken into consideration such as the particularities of the program, both economic and cultural, theory of customer relationship management, short term and long term strategic management and qualitative and quantitative research. Applying the inductive theory (Bryman & Bell, 2007) model to the paper, through an empirical approach, I first participated and coordinated the program that makes the subject of this paper myself; through this internal observation method and other external observations (online research, unstructured interviews with Diamond Club members and other stakeholders), I was able to identity several theoretical aspects for which I formulated the main question for the interviews conducted. These helped to consolidate the structure of the theory and approach the semi-structured interviews from a deductive point of view. In the end, after confirming and rejecting some hypothesis, the final result is to be recorded in the conclusions. The fundamental differences between quantitative and qualitative research strategies are that the principal orientation of the first one is on deduction, and on testing the theory, while on the second on is on induction and generating theory. This means that while the first method of research is based on the belief that certain concepts, i.e.. moral truths, exist regardless of human knowledge or perception of them, whi... ... middle of paper ... ... human capital and anything that will set it apart from its competitors to the extent that it will start its own niche. Without partners and other resources, a company cannot perform any activity. All things taken into consideration, the final step in first succeeding on the market is the interface, or how the company interacts with the customer. The business has to know to whom it is addressing, who is the desired customer, how to approach the customer and develop a sustainable relationship, what other services or products the customer might be interested in. Starting a new activity needs people that have different abilities and functions. Their capacity to perform new tasks and to fully adapt to a new environment is very important in the early stages. Benefiting from a pool of talented and experience people is an important way of overcoming the threat of failure.
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