CRM Implementation at Audi

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CRM Implementation at Audi In early 2000’s when global car markets, particularly luxury car markets were getting more and more competitive and consolidated, and product innovation was increasingly becoming imperative for all leading luxury car makers, Audi took strategic decision of making a Premium customer experience with the support of CRM its core competency with the long-term commitment to make the car buyer lifecycle and experience as hassle-free and personalized as possible. The case is mainly narrates the CRM progress of Audi till 2004 and mainly focuses on Italy operations and steps taken in that region. Introduction Audi is majorly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen (VW) Group and is headquartered in Germany and operation in more than 100 countries. With the commitment the implement progressive technology and its technological ingenuity, by late 1990’s Audi became globally respected brand among luxury automakers. After its entry in luxury sector in early 1990’s, Audi leveraged its ingenuity and gained the competitive edge over the industry parameters of innovative design, safety and performance. Today, Audi remains focused on satisfying on customer needs by building a brand that exemplifies individuality, exclusivity and excellence. Reasons behind CRM implementation Audi started its CRM initiative mainly because of following factors:  Changing trends in customer buying behavior  Customer relationship improvements being carried out in other industries.  Competitive landscape, pressure further increased by impending block exemption rules in Europe  Difficulties in managing customer relationships in a dealer-oriented, multitier sales organization. Two main objectives which encouraged Audi to invest in CRM we... ... middle of paper ... ...o their overall customer touch points in marketing, sales as well as service. Although the case mainly discussed the CRM rollout and pilot program in Italy, the same program was launched in many other countries across the world. In future, Audi plans to enhance its outgoing telemarketing efforts to increase the scope for direct interaction with customer. Audi also plans to introduce their CRM system components in dealer system in order to achieve complete collaboration. Audi also plans to apply its CRM insights to its mass advertising efforts in order to direct them better towards their target customer segment. References  Peppers & Rogers Group (2004), “CRM: ROI Review” for Audi, volume three, number 2.  E. Thompson, A. Bona (2004), “Audi's Three Steps to a Winning CRM Strategy”, Gartner Research. 
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