Individual Operation and Management Project

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Company: McDonalds Executive Summary This report is about the operational functions and strategies of McDonalds located in Surbiton, England. This report will also discuss there strategy toward their target markets. Will also take a look at what issues they are facing. This McDonalds offers a quick and easy way to get food. They offer Wi-Fi and seating arrangements that allow you as a customer to enjoy your food while surfing the web comfortably. There main competitor is KFC who offers fast food but without a sitting area for customers. KFC has the advantage over this McDonalds because it is located at an intersection, which allows for people to access their restaurant easier and faster. From the interview, the manager, employees and customers were mostly found to have similar views about the target market and Order Winners and Qualifies. All of the interviewees were persistent on stating that the order winners for McDonalds were the low price for food and the convenience of the receiving the food quickly. The three operational issues affecting the target market and future profitability of McDonalds are keeping the food fresh, keeping the facilities clean and creating meals that are healthy for the customer. Improving McDonalds food has been a problem for many years. McDonalds has gotten some bad news in the past about having poor meat and not clean facilities. If McDonalds wants to remain the world leader in fast food they need to develop healthier choices. They need to be able to develop meals that are good quality food and at the same time being able to keep the cost of their meal low. Also being that McDonalds wants their facilities to be confortable for their customers they need to make it easier to access there int... ... middle of paper ... ... Providing a door greeter would be very good for Surbiton McDonalds because it could act as a security but even better as some one that is like a host to make you feel welcomed to the restaurant. Having someone stand by the door greeting people with make people happy when they walk into the restaurant. Even though this person isn’t a host or hostess they would provide the customers with an even better experience at McDonalds. This person could also help people with choices on the menu which would help the operations move faster. If a customer has all there questions about the menu answered by the time they reach the cashier then the cashier will be able to take the order faster and then the customer would receive their food faster. This door greeter could also act as a security guard making sure that no unexpected customers are entering or exiting the restaurant.
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