Incivility: The Issue Of Incivility In Healthcare

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Incivility is something that should not be acceptable anywhere, especially in healthcare. Everyone should be able to report this issue when it occurs because it creates friction among team members, management, and decreases patient care outcomes. Issue of Incivility In my own opinion incivility can be defined as someone acting towards another person in a disrespectful way. The main problem with this kind of behavior, the person who is doing it does not care if it in public, or private to show his or her hostility. The other problem with this kind of behavior is when it happens at work place, and there are patients, customers, or family members around to see that kind of behavior, which can destroy the reputation of the organization. According to the American Nurses Association (2015), "incivility can take the form of rude and discourteous actions, of gossiping and spreading rumors, and of refusing to assist a coworker. All of those are an affront to the dignity of a coworker and violate professional standards of respect. Such actions may also include name-calling, using a condescending tone, and expressing public criticism. The negative impact of incivility can be significant and far-reaching and can affect not only the targets themselves, but…show more content…
Programs to prevent workplace violence improve the work environment, job satisfaction, staff retention, productivity, and quality of care. Ongoing education related to the organization’s mission, values and code of conduct, as well as communication skills development, guide the individual to choose the most appropriate response when faced with work place violence." Ongoing education is essential because it reinforces what was being said or done in a positive

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