In-N-Out Burger Strategy is Working

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1a. Rich Snyder in his youth was an unlikely business mogul, but from the outset he had a special knack for spotting major trends in society and positioning his business to thrive by meeting the needs of customers. He eventually grew into the job and pursued a much more aggressive expansion than his father would have preferred. However, putting a twenty-four year old in charge of a major enterprise was a risky move. An incredibly local group of managers and a culture embedded into the operating DNA of the business gave Rich Snyder the time required to mature on the job and eventually grow the chain to around 90 locations. Even though Rich Snyder was only twenty-four years old when he assumed leadership, he had big plans for In-N-Out. Being young was an asset for In-N-Out because he brought new ideas to the company while maintaining the same control over the quality of both ingredients and employees, and also maintaining his father’s philosophy and staying true to the company’s mission statement. After taking the leadership, Rich’s first project with his younger brother’s help was to build a commissary in Baldwin Park, CA for the ingredients of In-N-Out to be inspected for quality, and prepared for distribution to their stores. Unlike his father Harry, who thought employees would transfer skills learned at In-N-Out to a better job, Rich thought differently. He thought why not let good employees move on, when you can use them to help the company grow. He knew that to implement his plan of expansion would require many talented and loyal store managers; as a result, he opened In-N-Out University in order to train them. Before being invited to attend the management training program in the university, the store associates had to ple...

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...ed that may sacrifice consistency of customer experience, In-N-Out has resisted not going public or franchising. Its advertising is mostly performed by its customers, In-N-Out offers free bumper stickers to customers who in turn stick them on their cars and essentially advertise for In-N-Out whenever they go for a drive.
2b. For the most part, the strategy is still on track. In order to control quality, in-N-out restaurants were to be no more than a single day’s drive away in order to ensure the highest quality of ingredients. However, in-N-out eventually caved to pressure from customers and opened up a new plant in Texas in order to grow the franchise. This goes against the original plan, but by opening a new plant it is possible to keep the original plan to an extent by keeping all restaurant locations at only a day’s drive from their respective processing plants.

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  • Explains that rich snyder was an unlikely business mogul, but he had a special knack for spotting major trends in society and positioning his business to thrive by meeting the needs of customers.
  • Explains that age does not matter, but it's your willingness to make the business work. older people have more experience, contacts, and other useful resources to do well in business.
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