Analysis Of The Starbucks Experience By Joseph Michelli

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This paper will summarize the book “ The Starbucks Experience” written by Joseph Michelli in an effort to explain the company’s runway success. In addition, the paper will provide a personal insight on how this book is related to international business and to the concepts that has been learned in the International Business course. In “ The Starbucks Experience” author discusses essential business strategies that allowed Starbucks from its establishment in Seattle in 1971 as a single-location coffee shop to go worldwide. Nowadays, Starbucks has more than 11,500 non-franchised locations worldwide with annual sales more than $600 million and has been recognized as one of the best Fortune 500 companies to work for. The Starbucks former CEO and the current chairman, Howard Schultz, implemented the five core Starbucks principles for turning “ordinary into extraordinary”. By following these principles, Starbucks became extremely successful and since 1992 the Starbucks stock has grown a staggering 5,000 percent. The author discusses the five core principles that lead to Starbucks’ success such as: make it your own, everything matters, surprise and delight,…show more content…
For example, when Starbucks came up with a Frappuccino drink, they have realized that this drink is not going to be selling well in Japan, because people in Japan are accustomed to have their summer beverage with jelly cubes. Therefore, the local manager Hiromitsu in Japan came up with a Jelly Frappuccino that has been successfully selling only in Japan. Starbucks baristas brewed the coffee, cut the coffee jelly into cubes and added it to bottom of a Frappuccino blended beverage. This is also an excellent example of cultural literacy, when the management has a detailed understanding about culture and that in return enables business to work effectively within

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