Importance Of Spiritual Maturity

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This paper will discuss the important points of spiritual maturity. Throughout the class, I learn many things that in the end, lead back to my spiritual maturity in Christ. This paper will elaborate on the process of spiritual maturity in the life of believers. During my learning, I did some reflections on what I have learned in the class. I believe that one important lesson that I learn from this class is maturing in my spiritual journey with Christ by learning to love God and with others. Overall, I enjoyed my time attending this class, and I learn so much from every meeting that I had.

The True Meaning of Spiritual Maturity

Based on what I have learned in class from doing the readings and the assignments, I notice that the essential
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I learn that from this class, I am priceless that makes God have to give heaven 's best asset, which is the Son, Jesus Christ to die for me on the cross. After I received this revelation, I realize that every people matter in God 's eyes. As the follower of Christ, I cannot stop from showing the goodness of God 's love in my life to others (believer or unbeliever), because the moment I stop at displaying God 's love in my life to others, then I started to become like the unsalted Christian. Spiritual maturity also talks about enjoying my relationship with God and how could I influence others with God 's love in me by doing an intentional and significant action that could become the evidence of God 's love in my life. In other words, when God 's love started to invade my life, I would become contagious…show more content…
I would say, I have struggled a lot with being vulnerable to other people. This issue has kept me from letting more people come into my life. I notice that it 's all happened because I did not know how perfect I was in God’s eyes that make me free from the mentality of always have to prove something to others. I want to learn that sometimes, to acknowledge that “I was not okay” or to say “sorry” first to others are normal and acceptable. Nothing wrong with being vulnerable to others. I want to see progress in this area. The second area in my life that I want to see some progress is I want to become more grateful. Sometimes, I could get trapped in my mind by making a comparison to other people’s life. I could be so lost in my imagination and started to live with the “what if…” questions. I want to see progress in this area, especially after I have learned about spiritual maturity throughout this class. I want to become a person that is always giving thanks to God no matter what happened in my life.


In the end, spiritual maturity talks about my perspective first that leads to a change in my behavior. Spiritual maturity concerned more on the inside than outside. I learn that in my journey of following Christ, spiritual maturity is one of
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