Ellen L. Marmon's Transformative Learning Theory

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“Transformative Learning Theory: Connections with Christian Adult Education”.
In this article, Ellen L. Marmon is expressing a new visionary idea of how to apply the Transformative Learning Theory, but working with adults. The main focus is the Christian Education and even though there are different ways to transmit information, she truly believes that an effective one is teaching grown-ups and not just having a learning process during the childhood and teenage years, as the majority usually think.
Equally important, the author describes the Christian life as a “dynamic faith journey” (p.224) which remind us that is not just a linear process but a never-ending lifestyle that is constantly changing. It is like the worldview, described in Why College Matters to God, “continuously subject to growth and revision as we encounter new people, ideas, and experiences” (Ostrander, 2012, p. 28). That is why she claims that even during the adulthood people can keep building their knowledge in a different but excellent way. Adults have built their personal perspectives of situations in life, so she emphasizes that during this process, there are going to exist changes and that is how people acquire new information. That is why Marmon reaffirms: “Adult learning is tricky; grown men and women often must unlearn
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Then, as usual, they share they knowledge with others in an accurate way by analyzing carefully and with maturity what they have learned (socialize). Finally, having a new perspective of the situations creates changes in some aspects and then is when the transformation occurs. Marmon endorses the ideas of Mezirow’s article, Learning as transformation, to explain the three levels of transformation: “Meanings; premises, assumption, or habits of mind, and meaning perspectives”. She also agrees with him that when an adult embraces a new way of recognizing the world he or she has experienced a Transformative
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