Importance Of Social Work In Interpersonal Communication

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Social Work in Interpersonal Communication Introduction: Social work is a profession full of great, ambitious, caring people that help others with individual problems and their full well-being. Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Only people who have obtained a bachelor 's, masters or doctorate and completed a certain amount of hours in the field in social work are considered actual professional social workers. Social workers help individuals, families and groups bring back or build up their social skills and work to create better social environments. (National Association of Social Workers) Social workers are effective in using interpersonal skills in the workplace and while working with clients in many ways because…show more content…
When you take your work into yourself and your life it can take a lot out of you. It is of the essence that you take care of yourself emotionally, physically and psychologically. If you are well rested and healthy you will take much more satisfaction out of your work than if you are not in good health. (Simmons) As a social worker, they must learn and perform self-awareness of their motivations, expectations, and biases. To know how one’s behavior affects someone is important for one’s own development and learning how to help your client to, because if you know how to help yourself you can figure out how to help the client. (USC Social Work) “Social work professionals know how their values, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and past experiences, affect their thinking, behavior, and relationships. Professionals must be willing to examine and change their behavior when it interferes with working with clients and other collaborative professional relationships.”…show more content…
This offers challenges, but it also makes their jobs more interesting and gives them a wider range of experience social and otherwise. If social workers choose not to work with these clients they may lose the opportunities to help people or communities. (SWH) Diversity should be something valued and appreciated. Social workers should help clients regardless of any differences between themselves and their clients. (NYU) Simmons staff say, “Being culturally responsive and approaching clients who are from different racial, socioeconomic, and ethnic communities with respect and openness is a core component of social work practice.” Essentially social workers need to stay unbiased or at the least respectful when it comes to clients
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