Importance Of Resilience In The Workplace

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Healthcare professionals work undoubtedly in a challenging environment therefore in order to cope with heavy workloads they need to develop and maintain some kind of tactics to stabilise the emotional stress in both their professional and personal life. Resilience can also aid offset factors that increase the risk of mental health conditions. Hence, the concept of resilient is important to understand in relation to workplace setting as it has the ability in individuals to be able to endure in conquering challenging circumstances. Resilience can assist in providing support, reducing stress and improving practitioners’ and healthcare consumers’ overall wellbeing. In other words, resilience could be considered as prerequisites for professionals…show more content…
Likewise healthcare professionals, patients too need to build upon the approaches for resilience as increased supports from loved ones demonstrates their ability to feel emotionally secure. Patients who are in the medical setting away from usual environment for example can feel detached from the outside world however by using the concept of self-care by engaging in insightful activities such as “yoga, reading and massaging” (Mcdonald, Jackson, Vickers, & Wilkes, 2016) helps to reduce the solitary feeling. Another way to manage stress and stay resilient is through constantly self-motivated like by reading self-help or inspirational books. Although these techniques are personal tackles for patients to initiate however by collaborations from healthcare providers can enhance resilience. Providing positive feedback about their condition helps to shape self-confidence which reinforces resilience. Educating the patients on their illness promotes acceptance and thereby builds resilience. Hence “resilience refers to the positive side of individual differences in people 's responses to adversity” (Min, Yu, Lee, & Chae,
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