Importance Of Pursuing A Career As A Pediatrician

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At a very young age I realized I had a love for children. This love was a result of me being around my young cousins. It was so intriguing to watch their behavior on a daily basis. They always yearned for attention, and used many smart tactics to receive it. Throughout the years, I never found it to be a problem to respond to their needs. In fact, it was a joy. However, when they were sick, I knew I wanted to help them, but did not always have the answers. I was able to comfort them, but my yearning to help ran deeper than comfort. Therefore, I wanted my career path to enable me to help sick and well children. Pursuing a career as a pediatrician would fulfill my desires of being able to work and advocate for children, and gaining my Master’s through this program would be a positive step towards that goal. …show more content…

I interacted with the children through hands on experience by taking their vital signs, running lab tests, and trying to soothe their fears of coming to the doctor. Helping the children was gratifying and the confidence they felt in me was reassuring that this was the field I was meant to pursue. It also strengthened my desire and longing of becoming a doctor in the area of pediatrics. My desire and motivation will help me persevere through the challenges that it takes to become a doctor. When I think about being a doctor, I think about my love of children and the exciting adventure of learning new skills and going into an unpredictable territory in the medical arena. Although many career paths offer the opportunity to work with children, the relationship that doctors develop with their patients is a special journey. Ultimately, I want the parents and their children to put their trust in me as we take this journey

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