Why I Should Become A Pediatrician

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“Work for a cause. Not for applause. Live life to express. Not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence notice. Just make your absence felt”. –Anonymous As a child my mother would always make me go to church which was horrible for me, but one day being there made want to get interested in becoming pediatric. That day the church was asking the whole concretion to donate money for the kids in need and they showed a video of kids receiving food and water, and the church wanted to give more to those kids like medical help. The reason why I decided to become a pediatrician was because watching the video made me think that every kid deserves a chance to live and laugh, enjoy life, dream and have a future, but because of having no money those kids do not get to have all that. It is a gift for mothers to have kids and for mothers to watch their own flesh and blood dying slowing because she cannot afford going to the doctor it is sad. My family income is not that high. Both of my parents are high school drop outs, so they never made it to college. As we all know finding a job with a well-paid job can be dreadful without a high school diploma or a college diploma, but they manage through. To study for pediatrician is very expensive, but I and both my parents work hard enough to be in college. I am the first in my family generation to be in college and have a career set. It is not easy to be the first because at times it can be very frustrated because if I were to fail every single person in my family well look and maybe even be disappointed not mention my younger sister and cousin. They all look up to me and feel proud that I am the first to break that chain. In my freshmen year of high school I volunteer in a program that invol... ... middle of paper ... ...fe and succeeding that I broke the chain in deciding to be different in standing out from my family. Even though, on my graduation day I should have been more exciting now I can see why it was the most important day of my life because on that day I should have said YES!! Made it this far. Graduating high school was my minor goal and was accomplished. The fact that my minor goal was accomplished made me realize that anything is possible. That day when I realized what graduation should have meant to me made me a better and setting high standards for myself. My parents are both Mexicans so I am Hispanic and in my ethnicity the percentage of graduating college is not that high, but the fact that I even graduated and attending already show that I can be one of the percentage to graduate college. My perspective changed to become different person and succeed in my life.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they decided to become a pediatrician because they saw the video of kids receiving food and water and the church wanted to give more to those kids.
  • Opines that they are the first in their family generation to be in college and have a career set.
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