Importance Of Peer Evaluation

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Peer evaluation is a term that gives a description of the assessment progress that allows learners to self-evaluate their performance together with that of other learners. Peer evaluation is a valuable assessment that is required in the organization. Any firm that implements peer evaluation has records of high productivity. The company uses information from the outcome of the assessment to improve on the working conditions of the workers. In addition, learners who are beneficiaries of peer evaluation have the task of assessing the thinking capability of their peer members and measure how their contribution could benefit the organization. The assessment procedure double-checks the capability of all the learners and their contribution to making the company productive. Peer evaluation is a process that involves activities like listening, problem solving and analysis. The activities above help in ensuring that the company succeeds in the implementation of strategies that the evaluator was evaluating. The procedure of peer evaluation is significant especially in the time of sharpening the skills of the workers. As a major role in the company, peer evaluation helps in exposing capability of the worker. The use of the concept in the company assists in giving group members with an opportunity of facing the reality. Members participating in the
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This means that the workers have the option of choosing the best alternative for them and their peers in terms of what they consider as the truth. After the evaluation, the final report from specific members would help members to improve their performance in areas they are considered weak. In addition, peer evaluation gives members an opportunity to improve on their overall performance within the company. The level of improvement is subject to the outcome from the evaluation
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