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Coat of Arms Christella So Centennial College Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms our group designed represents what we think about nursing and the characteristics that we think a nurse should possess. Spanning the width of the Coat of Arms, we have a clock that shows a patient recovering while receiving nursing care. The shield is the body and core of our Coat of Arms, and also represents our core values towards nursing – what nursing means to us and what qualities we think nurses should possess. Above the shield is a nursing cap, which is a common symbol of nursing. On the shield, we have a stethoscope surrounded by many buildings from different countries. Enclosed by the stethoscope are a heart, two shaking hands, and a vital sign. We also added…show more content…
In our Coats of Arms, shaking hands represents a good therapeutic relationship between patients and nurses. Arnold (2016) states that therapeutic communication is a process for clients and nurses to interact dynamically and recognize as well as produce certain goals with them. Therapeutic relationships include not only our clients but also the people related to them. Good therapeutic relationships can help nurses to build up Roy Daily Assessment Tool (RDAT) about their physiological-physical, self-concept, group identity, role function and interdependence that eventually helps nurses with nursing intervention and health care nurses. (Arnold, Bloggs, 2016). While communicating, nurses start to know more about our clients and establish trust. That notwithstanding, recognizing limitations to therapeutic relationship is necessary (Canning, 2007). In therapeutic relationships, there are a lot of boundaries that a nurse should not cross. If nurses cross those boundaries, unfairness is created with respect to other patients, and health care may become less effective. Continually displaying ideal therapeutic relationships is a crucial quality for

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