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In the hospital setting, accountability issues can occur from a variety of issues such as not following orders, to medication errors, and not overseeing delegation of tasks. In every workplace there will be employees being held accountable for their lack of maintaining interpersonal boundaries. These issues can include discrimination, inappropriate sexual advances, and personal conversation that are not work appropriate. Ability to recognize and honor the interpersonal boundaries Boundaries are established to protect the patient, the nurse, and the co-worker from over or under involvement in each other’s lives. Therapeutic care belongs in the middle of a continuum, deviation to either side skews the interpersonal boundaries established for “effectiveness and patient safety” (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2011). These boundaries are not just established for the benefit of the patient and the nurse, but for all of those in the workplace. Interpersonal boundaries should be respected by all employees. These boundaries include information regarding our personal lives, patient information not pertinent to those involved in their care, or allowing relationships to alter into forms that are inappropriate. What is important to remember about interpersonal boundaries, is that these boundaries are not just established for the benefit of the nurse-patient relationship, but for all employees of a business. Outside of a business, boundaries are established throughout different types of relationships. Maintaining boundaries keeps all people involved in everyday and workplace life safe and professional. This can be a confusing topic, trying to decide what is okay to disclose and what is not okay to disclose. The nurse a... ... middle of paper ... ...huge responsibilities to the patient’s that the nurse cares for. These responsibilities require the nurse to maintain the safest environment possible for the patient. To do that the nurse must be able to meet the character requirements written about in this paper. Ethics, integrity, accountability, responsibility, and boundaries, keeps everyone in a safe environment. Without these attributes the door opens for questionable behaviors to occur inside of the hospital or other environments. Once the behaviors are allowed to occur, then the standards that nurse’s standby will diminish. Standards such as these do not just belong in the clinical setting. These are standards that everyone should live by in their day to day life. The Board of Nursing topics discussed here, are the foundation for the moral fiber that each person should weave within into their lives.

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