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In Microsoft, organization is extremely important as organization is the distribution of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals. In order to keep the company running efficiently and successfully, it is instrumental that they have an organization chart which is the visual representation of who runs which station or which person is in charge of which individual or individuals. Microsoft is a flat structured company which is an overall broad span of management and a few hierarchical levels. The individual in charge in this structure is the CEO, Satya Nadella along with the board of directors and the chairman of the board. The chairman of the board is John Thompson and some of the directors on the board include William (Bill) Gates and Steven Ballmer. These people are in charge of telling those on different echelons of the stations what to do and how to do it. The levels of work stations include accounting, marketing, devices, etc. and those who are designated to be in charge of a work station are expected to be good leaders and to keep their sector of the company operating smoothly with every other work station. This can also be referred to as the chain of command which is an unbroken line of authority that links all employees in an organization and shows who reports to whom. For example, if an individual were to have a problem in marketing, they would go to whoever is in charge of marketing and, their management notwithstanding, the duty of finding a solution falls to the CEO and board of directors. A defining characteristic of Microsoft’s organization structure would be departmentalism which entails a grouping of positions into departments and these departments into the overarching organization. Microsoft is ... ... middle of paper ... ...grounds and ideas coming into one work place. If a company were to have the same people of the same background and ideas come in for years then the company will never grow into a successful company. There is no open-mindedness and there will be no room for change since every worker has the same ideas. Microsoft has always recognized the value that different life experiences and viewpoints bring to their business. They seek out people from diverse backgrounds and encourage them to take risks and approach challenges unconventionally. They’ve learned that by respecting and embracing everyone’s unique skills and perspectives, Microsoft can create an environment that encourages remarkable innovation. What’s more, this way of doing business helps their employees as well as their customers and communities across the globe unleash their potential and lead better lives.

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