Importance Of Integrity In Making Decision In Business

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Unit 8 Assignment
Integrity should be used in making decisions in business. Integrity means making decisions based on moral soundness and honesty (Sherman, 2003). Using the eight steps outlined by Sherman (2003), using integrity to make decision will provide seamless integration.
Analysis of Situation
The situation that will be analyzed is that a business is not in compliance with new zoning laws. The law states that any out building be at least six feet away from property lines. The enclosure that houses the trash dumpster is only five feet away from the property line. The health inspector stated that he would be willing to approve this if the company caters the food for his department’s holiday party.
Steps in Making an Ethical Decision
Sherman (2003) states that there are eight steps to follow when using integrity to …show more content…

Part of acting with integrity is to adhere by morals and values. If one of the company’s rules is to always do what’s right regardless of the implications, then the answer is black and white.
Nature of the Party
It does not make a difference that one of the parties is the government. Integrity is behaving according to one’s morals and values regardless of who, if anyone, is around. This means that the solution to this problem should be the same whether the problem is brought up by a level entry employee, or the government.
Application with Your Organization
The act of using integrity to solve business problems will affect the business and the employees. By using integrity, the business will be seen as a company who operates with honesty and respect. By allowing its employees to see upper management using integrity to solve problems instead of taking the easy way out, the employees will learn that the company values morals and values above money. It will also make it easier for employees to stand up for themselves in the case of a decision conflicting with their personal code of

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