Importance Of Guerrilla Marketing

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Effectively introducing the standards to using guerrilla marketing strategies provides proper association towards gaining better profits for several types of businesses. With the major focus on the development of small businesses, the basis of including real marketing techniques to express efficient management will increase the potential market share for the industry overall. The marketing trend enhances the current strategies that managers use to promote their businesses, which includes the use of the marketing mix. According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of Guerrilla Marketing, he includes special details that will help small businesses earn big profits and strengthen their management processes. Using efficient marketing techniques…show more content…
Using mass marketing methods requires precise planning, but it could damage a company’s reputation and credibility if it is overused or misused. Maxi-media marketing is helpful for guerrilla marketers because they strategize and analyze the information thoroughly before making a decision. According to Levinson, some mass marketing methods include usages of television shows, mail, billboards, and the Internet. Small businesses should consider taking initiative in using the Internet and other marketing methods to develop the growth for their company. However, if small businesses continue to ignore the importance of the changing economy, then these small businesses will lose to corporations and other well managed companies. When using ads to promote a small business, Levinson suggests that guerrilla marketers should follow the guidelines that contains a strong title, provides supportive information, and includes additional offers that will attract consumers. With maxi-media marketing decreasing in costs, smaller companies have found this to become a profitable way of communicating with consumers worldwide. The last topic that discusses guerrilla marketing techniques is new media marketing. This approach depends on new trends that are currently increase within the global economy. If problems occur during the process of trying to communicate with consumers such as providing bad customer service, many companies…show more content…
However, noticing the constant changes of a consumer’s perception towards a business and certain brands, it complicates sales growth and management procedures for several companies. To prevent complications for businesses, marketers need to use enhanced marketing methods that adjusts well with new customs. According to, guerrilla marketing uses creative strategies unlike traditional marketing techniques. Although guerrilla marketing is advantageous, it is also disadvantageous if the advertisement is too difficult to understand and too detailed for consumers to understand. Currently, guerrilla marketers have been using graffiti to stand out from traditional marketing advertisements (Marrs). Advertisements are easily found in many locations, but it is the creativity that makes a business
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