Lexus' Advertising Tactics

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In today's world of consumerism, there is great competition among businesses to sell their product. It goes without saying that in this complex society exists modern technology that has lead to the development of various media platforms. In turn, these various platforms are used by corporations to advertise their product. On that topic, there are various tools of advertising that corporations implement with their choice of media platform to sell their product more effectively. This paper will analyze the advertising tactics that are present in two poster advertisements, both of Lexus vehicles.
The advertisement of the Lexus LS F Sport persuades consumers on the basis of appealing to emotions. This means that the reasons given to encourage consumers to purchase the vehicle are illogical, and are meant to reach their subconscious mind to influence how they feel. In this case, the advertisement is attempting to give the consumer an experience of positive emotions by the illogical reasons in text. Essentially, it attempts to paint a picture of the potential buyer already owning the vehicle and experiencing the luxurious qualities that are on display to the world.
One can clearly note that there is no logical persuasion in this advertisement such as limited availability, or being a good price. Rather, the text incorporates emotive language such "make it a memorable performance." Immediately, the viewer of the advertisement will forget about the rational qualities such as price, economical performance, insurance, etc. and instead picture themselves as the owner. This continues as it says "you open the door and the show begins." Again, it is a visual experience of positive emotions that the consumer would feel from owning the vehicle ...

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...his vehicle will attract women who look like the model herself. Despite this, I think that women would be influenced to not buy the Lexus IS for the same reason. Specifically, the use of the female model can be interpreted as a means of objectifying women in the perspective of women themselves. Consequently, this ad poster can result in a loss of potential female consumers and may even stir up a negative reaction from feminist groups.
All in all, it seems that car companies can use posters to advertise their upcoming vehicle and get creative with it. It just goes to show this creativity of poster ads leads to countless ways of influencing and even repelling different consumer groups. Looking back, it also appears that behind these texts and images are tactful tools of advertising that can be manipulative and associative, and persuade to appeals of reason or emotion.
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