Importance Of Going To College Essay

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College is an important step in a young adult 's life. Going to college benefits you In the long run and ends up saving you money. Most seniors in high school plan on going to college and have their choices made by the end of junior year. College is important because it can make your odds better for succeeding. The purpose of college is to get a higher education. College also gives you specialized education you may need for certain jobs. During college you learn how to be self sufficient and independent. Going to college was important to me because I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have always wanted to work with kids and be a teacher.
College is a way to get a higher education. Everyone goes to thirteen years of
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To be a teacher you need to know about child development and be able to tell if there is something that is wrong. Also you need to learn how to deal with different behaviors and situations.
Once I started doing good in school my mom talked about me going to college. My sister did not do that great at school so my parents expected me to go to college and do good in school. I liked doing good and school and liked it. My mom always would tell me do my homework made sure my grades were above a C- and I was doing good.
I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. As a young child I went to work with my mom to the daycare where she worked. I would try to help with the younger kids and play with the bigger kids. I also worked with special needs kids too. My mother used to watch two twins who had autism, one of the twins also had another mental disorder. I would interact with the twins and by watching my mom deal with their tantrums and actions learned how to deal with different kinds of behavior. My mom worked in many daycares and children centers, I would always try to go and volunteer and spend days with children and watching the teachers in the room and how they interacted with the
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