The Disadvantages Of Memorization

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Does memorization improve one 's ability to learn quicker and more efficiently in college?
Does memorization improve one 's ability to think individually?
Is thinking for one’s self worth potentially having the wrong answer? Would it be worth it for students to go through school without having to think for themselves. In the articles Learning by Heart by Susan Tanner and Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome by Thomas Plummer it examples how children were taught from a young age to answer questions routinely, the way the teacher prefers. The issue with this is that the student never develops the ability to think for themselves. The articles discuss the different advantages and disadvantages for developing this skill. They provide steps and resources for one to reach independent thinking. The articles explain the positive and negative advantages of memorization and reciting past writings. These articles share that individual thinking and memorization will help students learn more efficiently.
In the article “Learning by Heart”, by Susan Tanner who earned a degree in humanities persuades readers that “learning by the heart” can help readers to remember things better and help them to ponder and really understand what is
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He explains that while taking college classes many professors will assign readings and have students take notes that should be memorized. The student can overcome it by thinking for themselves rather than letting the professor think for them. Plummer explains that overcoming the Ophelia syndrome will not be easy but will be worth it in the end. He persuades viewers by sharing stores from Hamlet. He states that the character wasn’t able to think for herself and that was her downfall. He states their are many disadvantages to the process such as getting lower grades in classes. He assures readers that it’s worth it to develop control and

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