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Reach For Your Goals; Dream the Unthinkable Dancing has been something that I’ve enjoyed since age six. It’s usually something that’s done with music, a rhythm, a beat, and/or a melody. Dancing may not be something that everybody can do well, but, still, they do it. People just feel the need to move when they hear a song or beat that intrigues them. There are people in this world who know their capabilities, but are too afraid to be critiqued by others; I am one of those people. My parents have always told me that I have the gift of dance. I never wanted to believe that I held this gift because I’d feel obligated to showcase it; I don’t enjoy it when everyone’s attention is directed towards me. I also felt like they were over exaggerating my dancing skills which, to me, are on the same level as any other person. A few weeks ago, the song “Broad Shoulders” by Taylor Bennett featuring Chance the Rapper played on my Pandora for the first time. I may be interpreting it wrong, but it speaks to me in a way. This song makes me ponder on the thought that, maybe, dancing is the purpose that God has ordained for my…show more content…
This part of the verse makes me remember how much of an influence my parents are to me. A while ago, they both had decided to go back to college to pursue their dreams; the dreams that they never thought could turn into reality. I was always observing, watching how hard they worked to reach their goals. They showed me that believing in yourself, and putting in work, no matter what stage in life you’re in, can always lead to you achieving your goals. They’ve also set an example by showing me that even though you may not feel like you’re capable of something, you do it anyways because the outcome could be magnificent. By taking in all the information that I’ve learned from observing them, I use it to motivate me to reach my goal and believe that I am

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