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Solano-Lesson Plan 2 Reflection
When I was in high school, I struggled with geometry proofs. So, when my mentor told me which lesson she wanted me to teach, I got excited. I wanted to make sure that the students knew how to write a proof so that they would feel confident in geometry. I remembered how I wanted my high school teachers to break down every part of this lesson, so that I would understand it. Since they didn’t, I used to hate going to geometry because I would always feel like a failure. I wanted to change that for them. When giving the lesson, I felt that I was able to emphasize every important part of the lesson, even though some challenges occurred along the way.
There were a few parts of this lesson plan that I felt worked well. Although only two classes used their laptops for this lesson, I felt that having the instructions written on the board helped to speed thing up a little. By the time the bell rang, the students were already working on their warm up. There was no time wasted on trying to get the students to settle down. I also felt that the type of questions I asked helped lead the students in the right direction. When planning the lesson, my
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The only back up plan I had was for the students who either finished their assignment quickly or for the students who didn’t know why they couldn’t use side-side-angle to prove triangles congruent. I realize now that it is important to have a backup plan for every aspect of a lesson plan. While creating my lesson plan, I never even though of the laptops not working. I was very glad to have my mentor help me adjust the lesson. I also realized it was easy for my mentor to come up with a quick replacement activity because she has been teaching for a while. Since I don’t have that experience, I think it will be helpful to ask other teachers if they crossed any issues while teachers their
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