Importance And Importance Of Staffing

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According to business dictionary 2016 staffing is defined as the selection of individuals for specific job functions, and charging them with the associated responsibilities. Staffing is a vital part of human resource management. It eases procurement and placement of right people on the right jobs. (Yourarticlelibrary.2016)
Staffing is the process of hiring, positioning and overseeing employees in an organisation. It is also the selection and training of individuals for definite job functions, and charging them with the connected responsibilities.
Staffing is one of the most crucial purposes for every organization. In the absence of good staffing system no organization can exist for a long ,this is because in every organization all
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People are an organization 's most vital resource. The right staff can carry an organization through a period of change and this may allow for future success. Because of the importance of hiring and maintaining a committed and competent staff, efficient human resource management is essential to the success of all organizations. Staffing function deals with the placement, growth and development of all of those members of the organization whose function it is getting things done through one effort of others.
Significance and Importance of Staffing
In fact, effective performance of the staff function is necessary to realize the following benefits:
• Efficient Performance of Other Functions:
Staffing is the key to the efficient performance of other functions of management. If an organisation does not have competent personnel, it cannot perform planning, organisation and manage functions
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Recruitment- Once the requests are notified, the concern invites and asks applications according to the invitations made to the desirable candidates.
Selection- This is the screening step in staffing in which the asked applications are screened out and right candidates are appointed according to the requirements.
Orientation and Placement- After the screening, the selected candidates are made familiar to the work environment through the orientation programmes.
Training and Development- Training is a part of enticements given to the workers in order to develop and grow them. Training is given according to the nature of activities. Along with this training too, the workers are advanced by providing them extra benefits of in-depth information of their functional
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