Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park Case Study

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Executive Brief Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is experiencing a variety of problems related to its management. The primary issue with the company is that it was designed without a critical consideration for growth and this has led to internal issues such as lack of direction and inappropriate staffing. The following management plan provides a blueprint for directing the company and better utilizing its resources. Management Plan One of the primary issues with Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is the fact that the company lacks focus. While the company is successful and has grown its success is really in spite of itself. The demand for paintball is high and this has allowed for growth but without a common focus the company will not be able…show more content…
This model is recommended because it promotes organizational unity through teamwork among managers. This style of management will allow Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park to utilize managers as needed in different functional areas and reduce the possibility of burnout or underutilization of particular management skills. For instance, Carl manages the business and spends most of his time in his office while other members are managing employees or overseeing customers. This is problematic because each manager is only focused on one job and this can create problems such as unequal workloads. This may explain why Carl is losing interest in the business because his is only focused in one area. By using a collaborative management model, all owners will be able participate equally and no one manager will shoulder the burden of too much…show more content…
The managers must set organizational goals aligned with the company mission. This will provide a strategy for achieving those goals. For example, planning can be seen at every level such as creating goals for sales as well as for the customer experience (Higgins, 1994). The second function of organizing is accomplished through the assessment of planning and the preparing for the implementation of resources such as workers and their schedules. Currently, the organization lacks manpower in specific areas and this need to be addressed through better organization of human resources. Managers must also make sure that employees have the necessary resources to perform their jobs. Lack of organization can lead to inefficiency and lack of productivity, which is occurring in the in ability to service customers properly and double booking of clients. The third function, leading is the function by which managers are able to implement planning and organization to lead and motivate employees to finish tasks and work. It is important that the employees understand their tasks and responsibilities and this requires the managers to move them through these areas (Higgins, 1994). For example, if employees are not comfortable with their responsibilities than the manager must lead the person through the work process to ensure that it is being done

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