Implementing Classroom Management SKills

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Now that you’re out of college with your teaching degree and ready to start your new job as a teacher, you ask yourself, “so why is classroom management something I need to know on my first day”? It is simple; classroom management is one of the vital tools you should invest in as a teacher. If you lack in classroom management, chances are you will not be a good teacher. Statistics state that “40% of beginning teachers leave the profession within the first five years” (Garrett, pg. 46); this is because the lack of respect teachers gets from students. This statistic also has to do with the fact that students aren’t properly shown was effective classroom management is which in-turn pushes them away from their profession because the how students act. Through in-depth research on classroom management, I’ve found that starting your year of with an everyday routine with help classes run more smooth because children like routines, I’ve found teachers should establish nonverbal signals so that teachers don’t have to stop during the middle of a lesson to reprimand a student and I’ve found that if students don’t do a task correctly the first time a teacher should have them complete the task over and do it correctly. This is why investing in classroom management will make you a well-rounded teacher. It’s the first day of school and you’re excited about meeting your new students and having your own classroom. But first before you start there are rules and regulations that you should understand and implement. As a beginning teacher we seem to set our expectations high. It is imperative that you don’t set your goals too high where you start to struggle. On the first day of class you should be thinking about how you are going to present your c... ... middle of paper ... ...ion to optimize student learning, lesson in group management, development of student social skills and self-regulation, and a multi-tiered system of management” (Kratochwill, Pg. 4); this will help you be effective in keep students under control. So many times it is easy to get off task and veer away from proficient classroom management but it is important that we don’t let our students take over. Dr. Ediger of Truman University gives us a few tips on how we can help those students learn cooperation in the classroom. The tips consist of: “ engage pupils with interesting activities, keep the lesson moving forward to minimize interruptions, very careful planning of each lesson so that pupils realize the seriousness of teaching and learning” (Ediger, Page 15); understanding discipline and the curriculum can help tremendously in having effective classroom management.
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