Impacts of Air and Water Pollution on Humans in Bangkok, Dhaka, and Mexico

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With the development of technology, over-consumption and inadequate emissions of waste have a considerable impact on the air, water, forests and wildlife, which leads to inevitable detriment to human life. This essay will give an overview of the sources as well as the negative impacts of air and water pollution on humans in three cities, Bangkok, Dhaka and Mexico, and also discuss the governments’ strategies and the effectiveness to tackle the environment problems. Bangkok and Mexico were trapped in their air pollution for decades, furthermore, Dhaka suffered from not only air pollution but also water pollution. Subsequently, serious health problems were produced. In Bangkok, owing to the increase of motor vehicles, the continuous emission leads to the sharp decline of air quality which creates negative impacts on the daily life of residents. In Mexico, according to Yip, M and Madl, P(2002), the main source of air pollution are also vehicle exhausts which contain several toxic substances such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can cause respiratory illnesses and even lung cancer. In Dhaka, from the analysis of World Health Organisation Bangladesh, the water pollution can be another problem because of “the absence of alternative safe water supply solutions”. Arsenic contamination of ground water is mainly caused by the use of hazardous chemicals and radioactive material in industry, and then it results in health risk on humans. As mentioned above, vehicles exhausts are the main sources of air pollution in Bangkok and Mexico, water pollution in Dhaka primarily results from arsenic contamination of ground water. The toxic substances in the air and water affect health and life quality of humans. Faci... ... middle of paper ... most effective strategies to improve environment. Works Cited Faiz, A and Sturm, P. (2000). New Directions: Air pollution and road traffic in developing countries. Atmaspheric Environmental, volume 34, issue 27, pages47 45—47 46 Also available on Accessed on 23 March 2010 Informaction. Water Pollution.(Author unknown) Also available on Accessed on 7 March 2010 UN Habitat. Bangkok’s strategy to tackle air pollution. (Author unknown) Also available on Accessed on 15 March 2010 World Health Organisation Banladesh. Sustainable Development and Healthy Environment. (Author unknown) Also available on http://www.whoban. Accessed on 20 March 2010 Yip, M and Madl, P. (2002). Air pollution in Mexico city. Project-Study paper, University of Salzburg.

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