Immunizations Cause Autism

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Immunizations Do Not Cause Autism
Some parents believe Autism is caused by childhood vaccines, however, no medical evidence is published to prove this theory. Vaccinations are important to stop the spread of childhood disease and early deaths. Andrew Wakefield published a research paper in 1998, stating that Autism was caused by the MMR vaccination. Since then, many parents stopped getting their children all childhood vaccinations in fear that it may cause their child to become Autistic. Recent research has proven that his evidence is not credible and there is no correlation between vaccine shots and
Autism. Many parents are still convinced that immunizations cause Autism since Andrew Wakefield published the article stating this theory. He has since been discredited and it was recently discovered that the article described false evidence. It is crucial to trust the medical claim that there is not a connection between Autism and immunization shots and continue to protect ourselves and our children from these life-threatening diseases such as Measles, Chicken Pox and
The death rate from Measles, Chicken Pox and Pertussis was much higher prior to 1930, when immunizations were discovered and children were inoculated with the anti-virus shot. Due to the vaccinations for Polio, MMR, DTP and many other life-threatening diseases, the death rate has decreased. The past president of the Missouri chapter of the American Academy of Pediat-

rics stated, “There is no doubt that immunizations represent the safest, most effective means of protecting people from serious, often life-threatening diseases, that have ever been devised”
(Faddis). Many other doctors agree that vaccines are extremely safe and the best possible way to fight a...

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...tion shots “triggered” Autism in children. This article scared many parents into no longer vaccinating their children, which increased the outbreak of the communicable diseases again such as Measles, Chicken Pox and Pertussis.
In 2010, Andrew Wakefield’s research was found to be untrue and therefore retracted from being published. He did his research on Autistic children who’s parents were convinced that it was due to their immunization shots. Much research has been published from 1998-2010

that proves that there is no relationship between Autism and immunizations. Since the kids display the symptoms of Autism around the same time as when they get their immunization shots, they had to do the research on children not getting the vaccines. Some of these children were still diagnosed with Autism. I, like many others, hope that they find the cause and cure for Autism.

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