The Pros And Cons Of Immunizations

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Health care is a major global issue that affects millions of people every day. In this paper I am going to review an important health care topic that includes childhood immunizations and religious exemption policies. Immunizations are one of the most cost-effective public health achievements that protect both individuals and the community as a whole. Vaccinated individuals help the community by creating what is called herd immunity for those who cannot be vaccinated due to age or current health conditions get some protection because the spread of contagious disease is contained. High vaccination rates and low incidences of diseases indicators of successful immunization programs.
Health care policies are put into place regarding childhood immunization requirements for schools along with information on obtaining religious exemptions. Each state and/or country
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State vaccine mandates for children entering schools and daycare facilities to be up to date or they are not allowed to attend for the safety of other children (billington). Since 2008, global immunization levels for essential childhood vaccines have remained constant around the 80% mark. Over 1.5 million children die annually from diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. One in five babies around the world are missing out on basic vaccines and may die from weak health systems and insufficient funding. UNICEF and its partners are working to change these numbers and ensure that all children are successfully protected with vaccines.
World Immunization Week is celebrated at the end of April each year by UNICEF, immunization partners, government agencies around the world. The goal of World Immunization Week is to educate the public on the importance of vaccinations, the diseases they prevent, and the risk factors involved with not vaccinating children.