Vaccine Controversies By Jane Lemons Essay

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Mumps, Measles, Whooping Cough, Smallpox, Polio and, Diphtheria are all deadly diseases that were once a death sentence to children and adults around the world, but there is something that can help combat these fatal diseases. Vaccinations can change the course of these lethal diseases, but some families are still refusing to vaccinate the future of the world. Vaccinations can not only be beneficial to the child itself but to rest of humanity as well. There is evidence that goes against false claims bashing vaccination and the positive effects of vaccination overrule all of the negative. Vaccination can have a positive effect on the world due to its life-saving properties, effects on humanity and the extensive amount of safety and care that…show more content…
This can be seen in the article Vaccine Controversies by Jane Lemons. “Public health officials say refusing to follow vaccine protocols allows diseases to spread rapidly as happened in December 2014 when a measles outbreak began at Disney Land and spread to seven states.” The measles outbreak from 2014 could have easily been avoided if all children who entered the park were indeed vaccinated. If the majority of children were vaccinated there would have been no possible way for the disease to spread. While it can't be denied, A lot of families do choose to vaccinate their children, there are still some who don't, this is seen in the article Vaccine Controversies by Jane Lemons. Although the vast majority of Americans continue to vaccinate their children, studies have found that as many as 1 in 10 parents are delaying or forgoing some or a; recommended vaccines for their children. Because some parents are delaying or forgoing all vaccinations more children are at risk of going under the influence of a fatal disease that could cut their lives too short. Fatal diseases have the ability to spread at unthinkable rates and vaccinations are used to combat these deadly diseases but if families refuse to vaccinate their children once fatal diseases could return at epidemic…show more content…
Vaccinations prevent deadly diseases from spreading but if parents neglect to immunize their child they are at a greater risk of contracting a fatal disease and spreading it to other people. Other parents who neglect vaccinations do so in fear that their child will fall ill or develop autism because of important diseases but there is an extensive amount of safety and care that goes into vaccines before they are released to the public ensuring they are safe for use. Another problem that could occur due to parents refusing vaccination is fatal diseases of the past could rise again causing mass death and illness of others. Immunization has affected the world in many different ways, it has protected new youth and has saved the lives of many generations. Without vaccination, the world population would drop significantly. Immunization has affected the world by protecting the world's youth and the population as a whole. Without these crucial vaccinations, the world would not be the same and as healthy as it is now. Mumps, Measles, Whooping Cough, Smallpox, Polio and, Diphtheria are all diseases that were once death sentences are now combated by vaccinations that are saving lives of everyone around the
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