I'm ready, are you?

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It has been many years since I have taken a writing class in a college setting. Before English 43, I would’ve described my writing skills as novice, but I feel that this class has given me the tools to successfully advance and excel in English 49. Given the fact that I have gained the tools, experience, and confidence in my writing through English 43, I am without a doubt primed for the English 49 curriculum. The tools I have accumulated in English 43 have set me up for success in future English classes. My strongest growth is prevalent in my ability to formulate a strong thesis statement. As displayed in the following thesis statement, I wrote, “Do not let your past memories fool you! When you find yourself in this battle of the living dead simply remember to stay one step ahead, arm yourself accordingly, and trust no one during your battle to survive the enduring wrath of the zombie threat.” I was able to hit on all the critical criteria to require in a thesis statement. Here, not only did I give the reader a general preview to the topic of the piece, but also I listed my three main points that will be covered. This is important because the thesis statement paints a picture to what you are going to cover in your writing. Without a strong thesis statement, your reader is left without a clear preview to what your position or point is within your writing. English 43 has also refined my ability to write a strong topic sentence. Introducing my first main point in the department exam I wrote, “Nettie’s utilization of the Internet is simply out of control and she needs to make a change to her daily Internet usage before it’s too late.” With this being an argumentative essay, my locus on the issue is clearly stated; leaving the reader... ... middle of paper ... ... our feelings on a process piece we were asked to write. To that prompt, I wrote the three simple letters, “FML.” The irony of my reply is that this specific essay was chosen by my professor to be shared with the class. My essay being selected to share with the class was by far the biggest confidence booster. After taking English 43 I feel much more confortable with my ability to write and always look forward to the finished product of the assignment. The many tools that English 43 has allotted me provides me with a new outlook on writing all together. The toolbox that English 43 provided me has set me up for success in English 49. With the right tools ready to be put to use, I am well versed in basic writing skills and more poised than ever. Supporting me in my goals and advancing me to English 49 IS the right thing to do. English 49, I’m coming for ya!.

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