Identity Development In The Breakfast Club

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Steve Jobs once said, during a commencement speech at Stanford, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice” (Goodreads). Every single person on earth is a unique individual with their own thoughts and actions. In life every person goes through a stage of growth and development, both mentally and physically, where they are striving to become a more complete human being not constrained by their youth. This stage usually develops during adolescence, happening in the teenage years of one’s life. It also happens that this is occurring during the time of school when children are starting to study harder material and deal with more complex social situations. Sometimes this can overwhelm a child, but it is instrumental …show more content…

Two of the characters from The Breakfast Club who show major identity development are Bender and Andrew. Relating to the opening monologue, Bender is considered to be the criminal while Andrew is the athlete. At the beginning of the movie Bender could be considered to be in diffusion because he is neither facing a crisis (that he would care about) or making a commitment to anything. This is compared to Andrew who would be thought to be in achievement because he is planning on wrestling in college and overcome obstacles to become a very good wrestler. During the movie, Bender changes in the fact that he changes into moratorium because although he has not yet committed to anything yet, he has at least faced a crisis which forces him to start thinking about his actions. He does this by actually getting to know the others by talking to them instead of just trying to annoy the principal. Andrew shifts from being in achievement to going into moratorium. This is because at first Andrew seemed to be full of himself but by the end, after revealing some major issues he has with his father, he seemed to no longer be sure that wrestling was his true calling to make himself happy as a person. Due to this, Andrew has faced the crisis of dealing with his father and revealing it to the others but is not able to face his fear yet (The Breakfast

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