Case Study Of In Vitro Fertilization

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My mother had struggled to get pregnant for years, and at age thirty-two, she knew her time was running out. She spoke to her doctor who had recommended that if she wanted to have children, she should consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). She decided to follow through, as that was her only hope if she wanted to bring another generation to the Stang name. In Vitro Fertilization is a series of procedures treating fertility complications that also aids with conception of children, for this to happen, mature eggs are retrieved from your ovaries and manually fertilized by sperm in a lab. The procedure was successful and her Obstetrician (OB) was able to tell her she was having one healthy baby, and she is to be seen again soon. A few weeks later…show more content…
She was given her due date, July 17. Shortly after, she would feel the thump, thump of mine and my sisters ' kicks against her stomach, you could even see our hand and foot-prints extending out from her stomach. On the 22 of may, my mother was awoken in horror, surrounded in a puddle of blood. She was rushed to the hospital where she was told she had hemorrhaged, one of her children went into respiratory distress, and she had placental abruption which caused the hemorrhaging. An emergency C-section was needed immediately if she wanted my sister and me to live. They wheeled her in, and began the procedure. At 7:40 in the morning, my sister was taken from my mothers uterus, not breathing or eating; I followed two minutes later, perfectly healthy. A breathing tube was placed into my sister, pumping her small fragile lungs with essential oxygen, and later a feeding tube was placed. Because of our prematurity, we were extremely small. My sister, who my mother decided on naming Taylor, weighed four pounds two ounces, I was three pounds twelve ounces. We had to be incubated until was at a healthy weight for an infant, and until Taylor reached the breathing and feeding stage. We shared an incubator, I would scoot towards her. Doctors were not sure whether I did this to make sure she was okay, to protect her, to give her warmth, or because we were in the same position in the womb. They released us from the hospital a few weeks later…show more content…
Do twins really have this unnatural psychic connection or are they just playing a trick on us? With personal experience I can confirm it exists. When we were young, we did not notice the coincidences of saying the same thing at the same time with the same tone or doing the same thing at the same time, but as we grew, they did not feel like coincidences anymore. We were seven years old, and it was a hot summer day, almost ninety degrees without a cloud in the sky. Taylor was out riding her bike and I was inside with my mom. Randomly, I got a strong sense of trouble and anxiety towards my sister. I found her lying in the street with her bicycle pinning her to the asphalt, unable to move, with a car speeding down our street. I wasn’t the strongest child, but my fight or flight hormone took over as I was able to sprint across the black top, burning my feet with every step. I reached her within seconds and pulled her body to the side of the road where the car couldn’t reach her. I am not sure why I got a feeling of trouble, but if I had not, that car could have hit her. My sister and I feel the same pain. At ten years old, I was severely injured tearing several ligaments in my knee. Later, on the same day as my injury, my sister came home complaining of random pain in the same area with no trauma to her body or knowledge that I injured mine. She continued to get pain for no reason as I got pain in my knee. Also, at cheerleading
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