I Have the Moral Character to be a Teacher

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I Have the Moral Character to be a Teacher

I was inspired to become a teacher for many reasons. Teaching will be a self-fulfilling career. It would give me the opportunity to help my community and have a moral and ethical impact on the students of this area. Also, I desire to be with my children as much as possible, and a teaching profession fits that mold. A teaching profession would be rewarding because it would allow me to fulfill many personal goals, including working with the youth of the area and spending time with my family. For many years I have volunteered with the Boys Scouts of America. Doing this is one of my passions, but recent jobs I have had did not allowed much time for volunteering. A teacher’s schedule would allow me to be able to serve this organization by volunteering as an Aquatics Instructor, teaching life-saving skills. My other passion is my family. Spending time with my children is the best way to create life-long memories. However, it is difficult to spend time with my family and school-age children when our schedules are not alike.

As a teacher, I would be able to spend more quality time with my children and help them after school with homework. In addition to meeting these personal goals, teaching would allow me to reach out to area students and help them build character and acquire knowledge. The classroom is a complex society. In each room, there must be an atmosphere in which students of all backgrounds can learn. By being a constructivist one can combine the elements of essentialism, progressivism, behaviorism, perennialism, and existentialism to form a successful teaching philosophy and therefore a successful classroom. Below, I will discuss how these ideas can be combined for success. As essentialism states, the teacher needs to have control in the instruction of the classroom. Lecturing and supervising the improvement of skills are great ways to teach materials. A case in point here shows one of the teaching fundamentals, of the core subjects reading, writing, math, and nature sciences. This gives you the intellectual discipline to solve problems that involve complex ideas. In progressivism, students have more of a democratic voice in the learning process. Although the teacher will be the facilitator of the process, by using a cooperative learning activity the students are designing there own education and are guided in a direction by the teacher.

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