I Am A Peace Is Within Us

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I believe peace is within us. Humans have peace locked inside and is only unlocked when a crisis is presented. When a crisis is active that 's when we strive for peace. The way humans commit to peace is very selfish. We only look to peace as a safety net. Throughout epochs of history; we see humans fall prey to violence but also we see them burst with peace. When destruction happens in our world, we see ambitious individuals and groups fight for peace. This only happens when things are dark and morbid.

Disarray ferments because of violent individuals and groups. I think violence is innate in some individuals. Violence in the past has always been solved through a conflict that only one winner can prevail. I want violence to become constructive violence and would follow the method of "Conflict Resolution". According to Brunk (2012), "But where there is a "win-win" solution available which would allow them both to fully achieve their goals" (pg. 21). My peace will need this resolution. This method of conflict control is necessary for our world to leap to a peaceful world. Kant 's solution to conflict (1795) ,"Standing Armies (miles perpetuus) Shall in Time Be Totally Abolished" (para. 3). Kant warns us that an army that does not mobilize, but is still utilized and ready to strike is wearisome. I think that if everyone abolished their military it would be a big gamble, but help us towards peace. My perception of militarism is that countries are still afraid of each other and need an army for protection. How will we ever gain any kind of peace with such focus on the military? Kant 's idea of peace is perpetual. He believes in unending peace. His ideas can help my idea of peace. My proposal of peace is a foil to his. This branch of...

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...ucated and continue with the study of peace.

Interacting with people in my life, I 've noticed that we are capable of achieving "imperfect peace" and be a race that is nonviolent. Everyone has the ability to be cohesive and be one true nation. In our quest for peace, we have to be prepared for conflict and we will have protagonists. Freud warns us, "There is no telling… But one thing we can say: whatever fosters the growth of culture works at the same time against war." (Webel, 2012, pg. 65) Freud 's quote epitomizes my definition of peace that when in the midst of crisis we(humans) think of peace and care for it. I believe Freud tells us that with peace the inevitable showdown with conflict will happen. As humans, we should not give up on peace and overcome the conflict with it. Also not to preach peace that is unattainable but preach peace that is realistic.

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