The United States of Greece and Rome

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On this planet there is only the one sure way to ensure peace, government. Luckily throughout history there have been big societies that helped countries establish governments of their own. One of the biggest and well shaped government is the democracy of the United States of America. The U.S. had two societies in particular to look to for guidance, and those two were ancient Greece and ancient Rome.
The U.S. Government is among the most successful governments known to man currently. The U.S. government is made up of a democracy, but this democracy was not put together on its own. It was first compiled by many other societies but mainly two in particular- the Greek and the Romans. These two historical powerhouses were and still are mainly known for their armies, agriculture, and their governments. These two formed the U.S. government that the world knows and fears and respects today.
The First Nation to ever build a real republic was Ancient Rome. At first the upper class of Roman civilians, called patricians were allowed to govern. Eventually more Romans could vote and with that, new changes were made. There became a demand of the laws that the citizens were abiding to be written down so there can be no immediate changes. In the government the upperclass changed the law the way they wanted to. So the ways of the Roman governments influence eventually spread to that of Europe and the United States.
In the year 499 A.D. Rome's government leaders came together to form the first Roman laws put into writing, the Twelve Tables. The Twelve Tables resembles the U.S. constitution and how they came together to make the law. The Romans established a republic, which is similar to the U.S. democracy. The major difference is that in a democra...

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...ike the president. In the United States there are three branches of government Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. In the Ancient Roman Government the U.S. branches were one and the same. Another thing that they both have in common is that they both have a senate, and taxes, and mayors, and police. The Romans give us so much and even with the greeks, it seems as if the U.S. government is mostly made up of the Roman government.
The U.S. government is a democracy built off of the bases of greek and roman government, both of which are more common than most realize. Through the attempt of recreating these two once great societies the United States has built what is now known as arguably the most stable government on the planet. Thanks to these two societies the United States of America is the global powerhouse government and society where everyone wants to live today.

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