Hunting Techniques

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Hunting is a prime pastime for millions of Americans. Being able to own a gun and to hunt animals on land that you own is an immeasurable blessing and privilege. With this privilege comes great responsibility which includes following the laws that have been put in place concerning hunting, such as not hunting without a permit, using the correct techniques when hunting specific animals, and knowing what weapons are legal to hunt the specific animal with. There are many different animals to hunt, and the techniques to hunt them are easily managed.
The first type of hunting is “Rifle Hunting”. “What makes a gun a rifle? The term "rifle" is sometimes thrown around to mean any firearm fired from the shoulder. But technically, what makes a gun a rifle is the rifling -- a series of spiral grooves cut into the inside of the barrel. These grooves make the bullet spin when it is fired from the barrel. That spin is important because it improves the bullet's range and accuracy. Think of the way a perfect football pass spirals through the air. Try throwing a football without spin: It flies more slowly, which means it can't travel as far, and it strikes its target with less force. The same principles apply to rifle projectiles.” “(Sidon, How Rifle Hunting Works, Rifle hunting includes deer, squirrel, and raccoon hunting. Rifles include, but are not limited to, 30-06 rifles, or AR-15 assault rifles.
Hunters should always hunt ethically and legally. If someone wants to hunt anything, he must have a license on his person at all times and if necessary he must have a permit. If the hunter has a license but no land to hunt on, a permit is needed to hunt on a government owned plot of land or privately owned land. “L...

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...otguns. Shotguns get their name because they shoot a projectile called “shot”. Shot is a lot of small lead pellets that spread out when fired from the gun. Shot is classified in numbers. The biggest being buckshot which is 00. The type of shot used in turkey is about a six or seven. If you are using a blind, set it up at the edge of a clearing, pasture, or a dry river bed, as these places are where turkeys like to hangout.
The techniques used in hunting vary depending on the prey. They vary with the guns used. They vary by the types of ammo. They vary by the environments and habitats of the animals that are being hunted. Most of all, they vary by the commitment and the passion of the hunter to continue to do what he enjoys doing year after year. The techniques of hunting can be achieved by a lot of practice and a high level of commitment by you, the hunter.
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