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Harley-Davidson’s marketing strategies
Harley-Davidson, Inc. has a long-standing culture of relationship nurturing with its customers – of association with its customers on personal levels. Owing to this, customers look at Harley-Davidson as not only a company, but as also a family to whom they owe their loyalty. Harley-Davidson is an example of a company which has a loyal (brand) following and its customers aid in future sales via marketing based on the consumer. The company has been doing business since 1903; according to its website, “Four young men experimented with internal combustion in a tiny wooden shed. Not only did the shed not burn, but the motorcycle they built went on to serve over 100,000 miles” (Harley Davidson, n.d., p.1). William S. Harley in 1901 came up with a blueprint of a motor for fitting a bicycle. Arthur Davidson later joined him, and they then built the 1st Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
The demand for Harley-Davidson is in excess; the company utilizes customer surveys along with motorcycle rallies while conducting market research. This research did lead Harley; it led the company to start manufacturing motorcycles designed for women. There has been a 10% increase in the number of women riding the motorcycles since 1987. On the company website, Harley does have a page set aside for riders who are women. Harley-Davidson appeals to its customers by way of brand identity. “The value of brands in today’s environment is phenomenal. Brands have the power of instant sales; they convey a message of confidence, quality and reliability to their target market” (Learn Marketing, n.d., p.2). Everybody recognizes a Harley-Davidson’s bar and shield symbol. Having ownership of a Harley motorcycle signifies American pride, a...

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...ustomers, there are difficulties too, with the first being development of a customer satisfaction measure that has validity. Surveys on customer satisfaction are not reliable indicators of purchase intent or the probability of a repeat business. They are either poorly conceived or conducted, do not measure the right activity or fail to assess satisfaction or relative value many a time (Reichheld, 1996). Another drawback is that, if undertakings aimed at measuring satisfaction of customers overwhelm other indicators of strategic performance such as the ones concerning success of a new product or learning in an organization, the management will likely shift its focus to only the short-term, in turn discouraging risk-taking in the development of products and processes, only leading to incremental improvements as per (the) current products along with service activities.

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