Hunchback of Notre Dame

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In Paris, under the reign of Louis XI, the annual Festival of Fools is underway. From atop the mighty Notre Dame cathedral, Quasimodo, a deformed hunchback who rings the bells, looks down on the crowd in contempt. Also in the crowd is Dom Claude, the kindly priest of Notre Dame, and his evil brother, Jehan. Clopin, a gypsy who has been crowned "King of the Beggars," calls for his adopted daughter Esmeralda to dance for the group. As Esmeralda passes by the window of Gudule, the old woman curses her, for years before her daughter had been stolen by gypsies. Esmeralda dances for the crowd, while high above in the palace of Louis XI, Phoebus, a young captain of the guard, admires the pretty girl, though he is betrothed to Fleur de Lis, the niece of Madame de Gondelaurier. That night, Jehan has Quasimodo abduct Esmeralda for him, but Phoebus is on patrol and thwarts the attempt. Phoebus takes Esmeralda out for a late supper and attempts to ensnare her with his charms. She is wearing a necklace given to her by her mother when she was a baby which she says protects her from all evil. Phoebus has a change of heart and decides not to force his attentions on the girl, though she appears to be willing. The Court of Miracles is the hideout for all the beggars of Paris, so named because here the blind see, and the lame walk. Gringoire, a harmless poet, has stumbled into the Court and is about to be hanged by the mob, but Esmeralda intercedes and he is released. Hereafter, Gringoire becomes her faithful servant. Quasimodo is tried for his attack on Esmeralda and is ordered to be lashed for an hour in the public square. He is beaten brutally and at the end of the time, he cries for water. Esmeralda, pitying the poor beast brings him a drink and Quasimodo is forever in her debt. Quasimodo also does not forget how Jehan betrayed him, and he hates him thereafter.
Madame Gondelaurier gives a ball and Phoebus brings Esmeralda, dressed in the finest of clothes, and introduces her as a Princess of Egypt. Clopin has learned that Phoebus has taken Esmeralda as his plaything, and he breaks into the ball demanding her return. To prevent bloodshed, Esmeralda leaves with Clopin, broken hearted. Esmeralda has Gringoire bring a note to Phoebus asking him to meet her one last time at
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