Return of the Native Characters: Physical Appearances

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Return of the Native is a novel written by Thomas Hardy and was published in 1878. It is part of Hardy's Wessex Novel and takes place in Edgon Heath which is an area rife with witchcraft and superstitions. Eustacia Vye, Diggory Venn, and Clym Yeobright are all main characters in Return of the Native. However, they all have different physical appearances and personality traits which causes other characters in the novel to react to them differently.
Eustacia Vye is originally from Budmouth but moves to Edgon Heath to live with her grandfather, Captain Vye. Eustacia is described as beautiful young woman and is compared to a goddess. She has "pagan eyes that are full of nocturnal mysteries" (Hardy 63). Her black hair is compared to Sphinx, and she always gets referred to as the "Queen of Night" (Hardy 39). Eustacia attracts about every boy in Edgon Heath. Charley, a local servant, is willing to give Eustacia his role in the play just to hold her hand for ten minutes. Also, Damon Wildeve and Clym Yeobright are both in love with her. People in Edgon Heath, such as Mrs. Yeobright and Susan Nunsuch did not react to Eustacia very well. For instance, Mrs. Yeobright believes Eustacia is idle and wanton. She does not approve of Clym's and Eustacia's marriage and believes Eustacia is the reason behind Clym's disappointing actions. For instance, when Clym informs Mrs. Yeobright that he wants to stay in Edgon Heath, she says he is wasting his life away. Mrs. Yeobright states that if it had not been for Eustacia, Clym would never "entertained the teaching scheme" (Hardy 178). Susan Nunsuch accuses Eustacia of being a witch. Susan believes Eustacia casted a spell on Johnny and Susan Eustacia with a needle to prevent atrocious spirits upon her son.
Another main character in Hardy's novel Return of the Native is Diggory Venn. Diggory Venn has been in love with Thomasin Yeobright ever since his childhood. However, she rejects Diggory by writting a letter to him claiming she is not in love with him, and Mrs. Yeobright would not approve of him (Hardy 76). Although Diggory gets rejected by Thomasin, he does not stop caring for her. For instance, Diggory assures Thomasin's happiness by talking Damon Wildeve into marrying her. Being heart-brokened, Diggory quits his proffession as a diary farmer and becomes a reddleman, a person who sells red chalk to sheep farmers (Diggory Venn: the Reddleman).

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