Technology: The Negative Effects Of Technology And The Environment

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The history of technology has evolved so radically over the past decades that our culture has also changed dramatically and become a representation of our identity. Evidently, tools such as cell phones, laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices have effectively integrated itself into our lives and defined us as a civilization with modern technologies. Although the impact of technology has changed our working system and increased our productivity, we become ignorant of how harmful it can also do to our mind and society. Our ability to think critically, analyze, and problem solving has become greatly obstructed as technologies do the work for us. We are unaware that there are more negative consequences of technologies that can harm our health, education, social media, the environment, and potentially creating destructive…show more content…
Over the years, technologies were improved to increase productivity and decrease manpower; however, a worldwide concern is evident when hazardous wastes from spills and dumping occurs due to the negligence and a lack in control measures of technology. Air, water, and noise pollution essentially contribute to the environmental pollution via CO2 emissions, disposal of wastes into water systems, and weapon testing/ usage, respectively. The depletion of natural resources creates an imbalance in the economy as industrial activity increases. The environment is exploited with the extensive mining for oil, coal, and minerals; trees are processed for timbers; and wildlife habitats are endangered for farming activities such as deforestation. Many of the technologies we use on a daily basis also consume large amounts of resources and power than necessary. The continuation of human activities by using technology will eventually cause the ecosystem to collapse, unless we allow the ecosystem to recover by being more
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