How were Jews discriminated against from 1933-1939?

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Anti-Semitism has affected the world since Biblical times. There are many disastrous events in history, such as the Black Death, where the Jews have been put to blame by society. In March 1933, when Hitler came to power in Germany by manipulating the Enabling Act, he started to put into action the discriminatory laws as promised. The Nazi Party wanted Germany to become a supreme race of strong, healthy people, called Aryans, without contamination from ‘dirty’ minorities such as the Jews. Through the period from 1933 to 1939 Hitler passed laws which started off by discriminating the Jews, such as burning Jewish books and forbidding them to join the Army, and then gradually put into effect active persecution, so that in 1939 Jews were beginning to be sent into the now famous concentration camps. In April 1933, one month after Hitler gained a large amount of power in Germany, the Jews were intimidated by a national boycott of Jewish shops and services. They were beginning to be separated from German society as nobody could buy from them, and additionally, it would become difficult fo...
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