How Jews were Discriminated Against in Germany from 1933-1939

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How Jews were Discriminated Against in Germany from 1933-1939 The discrimination of Jews was prevalent in Germany in the 1930’s. Attacks on the Jews had occurred in Christian countries since the Middle Ages, but intensified between 1933 and 1939 due to the Reign of Hitler’s power. According to Hitler’s racial theories, the Jews deliberately planned to destroy the German people, as they did at the time of war. He influenced the Germans, that it was the Jews and such invalids, who caused the failure and collapse of Germany in World War I. The Germans, being in a vulnerable and desperate state, believed this, and subsequently, the beliefs of anti-Semitism in Germany increased. Hitler’s words and dictations were influential, but there was another factor that manipulated the Germans into discriminating Jews. Propaganda played a great part in the persecution of Jews. Posters were put up all around Germany, saying, “Jews not allowed”, and “Jews are our greatest misfortune. Children were easily misled by propaganda, and were indoctrinated into Nazi beliefs. Adults were also bombarded with anti- Semitic propaganda. Germans had to do everything in their power to eliminate all Jews from Germany. Many Germans believed the Nazi propaganda blaming the Jews for Germany’s economic and political problems. Hitler seemed afraid of the Jews, as he believed they were a threat to the Aryan race, because they played a prominent role in certain spheres of the German daily life. The Nazi Policy aimed to make Jews’ lives so unbearable, that they would voluntarily emigrate from Germany. Between 1933 and 1939, no fewer than 45 decrees, laws a... ... middle of paper ... ... it was permitted to assault and kill them. Many Jews immigrated to other countries; yet many also stayed, as a number of countries were not as co- operative as others. Fear of the SA and Gestapo meant that only a few sympathetic Germans were willing to defend Jews when they were attacked. In the early years of his power, Hitler made persecution of the Jews his priority. Of the 550,000 German Jews in 1933, 38,000 left immediately after Hitler came to power. Very few people were in any doubt about Hitler's dislike of the Jews when he came to power; however, no one could have guessed how far he would go in his vendetta against them. He continued his terror regime over the years, where many of the undesirables were sent to concentration camps. These camps ensured, that life for the Jews would never be the same.

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